Easy Tiger Spa is our gift to all you hardworking boss babes and bros putting in overtime to make those dreams come true. After endless emails, spin class, and catching up over cocktails, you and your nervous system deserve some serious self-care! Easy Tiger Spa bath salts deliver the urban spa experience in a bottle, so you don’t even have to leave the house. Our blends of essential oils and salts are just as ambitious as you are, working away at your mind and body to balance, calm, and reset. Neutralizing stress and pain keeps hungry cats on the hunt, and our salts are here just for you, so take it easy, tiger!

Taylor Jakubke is a Vancouver-based massage practitioner turned bath-time champion. Her hands-on approach to authentic living, cultivated through her 7 year career in the massage world, inspired her to create Easy Tiger Spa bath products for all you modern hustlers and busy babes. Taylor has worked at some of the world’s top spas, bringing her down to earth healing approach to clients in London, Berlin, Montreal and, of course, right here in Vancouver. She believes in working hard and chilling harder, and her own self-care ritual often involves a beer, a bath, and a no bullshit moment of reflection.