We are a small young family raised by the shore of Lake Huron with a passion for creating something out of love. We are inspired by home, friends, music and the dim flicker of a candle. This company was created from Amber's small town dreams and joy of putting smiles on her family and friends faces.

At Northern Flicker, we strive to create with ingredients that are good for us, and good for our mother, Earth. We our proud to say the wax we use is 100% US grown and is GMO free, vegan and annually renewable. Combined with fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks, our candles burn clean with little to zero smoke or soot. Our design is simple and partners with every home's decor. Each candle is hand poured in small batches and packaged in home.

"My candles are as simple as they can get, not only so the wax is as natural as possible, but also so it blends into every décor scheme.” Despite her candles’ uncomplicated look, the scents are an entirely different story: one that must be smelled to be understood, enjoyed and ultimately, gifted to others." - Amber. 

Handmade in Canada.