plaj: beach in turkish

Hand-loomed luxury towels made in Turkey using traditional methods by village artisans- made with the finest Turkish cotton & bamboo. 

What is a Turkish towel? 

A peshmatal, pestamal, peshtemal, peshtemal-  is a traditional Turkish towel used to cover oneself in the Turkish bath (Hammas). The Turkish culture has been using this type of towel for over 600 years. Now in modern day culture, people all over the world are using these amazing towels for various uses such as: 

At home (bath, kitchen, chair/sofa cover) // pool // spa/sauna // gym // Pilates/yoga // beach (towel/blanket) // scarf/shawl // baby blanket

BENEFITS: Lightweight, thin & easily packed for travel, highly absorbent, fast drying, durable, Eco-friendly, versatile). 

Fact: Only 8-10 towels or 4-5 blankets can be made on one loom per day. Making the these is a talent and a craftsman job passed down from father to son & from family to family.