Emily from What Emily Said first won us over because she is all of us- wanting to make a stylish life easy and approachable, and her authentic experiences are fun to read with beautiful imagery.

We picked Emily to be our INDIE brand ambassador because of how authentic she is and her passion for shopping local. As it turned out she had been wanting to detox her beauty drawer of big brands and toxic chemicals, so her experiences with INDIE products talk both about the positive & the challenging experiences of changing habits (read her last blog post about oil pulling and getting over the idea of what beauty experiences should be). 

Our newest INDIE project has us partnering with positive female influencers from across Canada to pick their favourite INDIE products. Our inaugural influencer collection is by Emily (naturally). These are her favourite products- everything from skincare, muscle balm, natural deodorant, face masques, and lovely handmade goods that up your at home spa experience. 

Read her full blog write up HERE.