About the Founder

Hi. I'm Amanda. Founder of Indie Apothecary. 

I've  typically had a pretty carefree take on life. Live for today, don't take anything too seriously, work hard play hard, love my people. 

And then I started raising little humans. Everything changed.

All of a sudden it's life or death. A good day was no blood, 10 fingers & 10 toes, still breathing. Good job today mom. And I started to think more about what was going on our skin, the products we were using, the ingredients we were exposing our babes to. 

I got on Google. I was completely disillusioned. I went through every step of betrayal. Anger, sadness, confusion... How could big brands tell you to put these products on your baby, knowing full well that there were (are) harmful chemicals in them? How could the products I was putting on my skin be toxic, have hormone disrupting ingredients in them all for the bottom line? 

This shop is my mission to offer people better. You deserve better. It's not a luxury- it is your right to be able to buy products that are not filled with toxic chemicals, from brands that care about you. It is an investment in your health. It is an investment in your community and into brands that are cruelty free and kind to the environment. 

So #saynotochems 

Next time Jennifer Aniston or Taylor Swift tells you to buy something- don't. (Do you seriously think they use those products?). Shop with your dollars. Every toxic product you buy means that they are going to keep making it.