Coconut Milk Face & Body Soap

Coconut Milk Soap - (Calendula Flowers, Geranium, Aromatic Litsea)

This sumptuous bar is enhanced with coconut milk providing extra moisturizing qualities and a creaminess that could never be matched with just oils.The coconut milk soap offers a deep, thorough cleansing of the skin without overdrying which makes it an excellent option for those with dry or sensitive skin.

Scent : naturally scented with an elegant and joyful blend of pure essential oils with notes of Geranium and Aromatic Litsea for their skin beautifying properties and uplifting effects on the mind.

Texture: thick and creamy lather.

 Skin Feel: refreshed, softened.

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types | bebeficial for dry/sensitive skin.

Ingredients : purified water, *coconut milk, *olive oil, *sustainable palm oil, *coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, *cocoa butter, *macademia nut oil, castor oil, *calendula flowers, essential oil blend. (*certified organic)

Each bar weighs 175 grams (6.15 oz) - approximately 2 x bigger than an average soap bar.

Due to 100% handcrafted products, the size, color and shape may slightly vary from the picture.

** All the soaps are handcrafted from scratch in small batch using a combination of techniques; the cold process and hand-milling. The hand-milling also known as "rebatch" among soap makers is a laborious technique where cold process soap is remelted after the saponification process is complete. Luxurious plant oils and high-grade essential oils are then added to the mixture. This technique produces a uniquely textured soap that is extra gentle by allowing the plant-oils to keep their full skin-beautifying and healing properties.

Handmade in Canada (Montreal)

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