GET gently CLOSER All Natural Deodorant (baking soda free)


A baking soda-free, all-natural deodorant that really works?? Yes! We've replaced baking soda with food-grade Diatomaceous Earth. DE is a naturally absorbent powder, made from fossilized algae shells. DE is made almost entirely of silica, an essential component for making skin healthy. Food grade Diatomaceous earth is 100% natural and can also be taken as a dietary supplement with a huge list of benefits. But the biggest perk for you, is that it's naturally absorbent, both of moisture and odour. So if you have sensitive skin, or have adverse reactions to sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), this is THE deodorant for you!

As with our regular deodorant, you may or may not experience a detox period, but be patient. Give the deodorant time to work, applying twice a day for the first few days if necessary. And the longer you use K'pure deodorants, the less you'll need to use.

Ingredients: Organic shea butter // organic cocoa butter // organic coconut oil // mango butter // sweet almond oil // arrowroot powder // activated charcoal // diatomaceous earth // rosewater // witch hazel // blend of deodorizing organic essential oils

28g/2oz or 0.5oz mini 

Handmade in Canada 

SHIPS September 5th 

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