One of the things that both Karen and I really wanted to make was an all natural deodorant that not only worked but was convenient and looked like a "normal" deodorant. Our Pit Potion has none of the nasty chemicals that are in most of the deodorants out there these days (no aluminum, artificial coloring, preservatives, fragrances,).

Well......it took quite a few testing and cooking sessions in each of our kitchens but we have come up with a few really great recipe's. I was pretty stoked when my 16 yr old son came home from boxing and told me with a look of absolute shock and delight on his face...."MOM, IT WORKS.....come smell". Normally this would not be something that a mother of a 17 yr old boy would love to do......but not this momma. I was over there in a snap and he was correct!!! He smelled great ;) yep, that's a smile of success you can imagine on my face.

Organic Mandarin: Organic Coconut Oil // Pink Himalayan Salt // Organic Bee's Wax // Organic Cilantro Water // Organic Apple Cider Vinegar // Arrowroot Powder // Tapioca Powder // Organic Lime // Organic Sweet Orange Oil // Frankincense Oil // Copaiba Balsam Oil // Bergamot Oil

Made in Canada

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