PLAJ stonewashed hand towel

Light grey

The most versatile hand towel. 

Imagine a luxe Handloomed towel that you make a part of your apothecary ritual. Or the hand towel you leave out for your long awaited weekend house guest. Or as your everyday hand towel in your main floor powder room. It's these small pops of affordable luxury in your home that give you that warm & fuzzy feeling. 

(Please note the hand towels have no tassels, offering a modern look). 

100% Turkish cotton // 300 gsm

Measures approximately 16" X 35" // 40.5cm X 90cm 

Lightweight // Thin // Highly absorbent // Fast drying // Durable Eco-friendly // Versatile

Handloomed in Turkey using traditional methods passed down through generations for 600 years. 

Designed by PLAJ in Vancouver

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