PLAJ Texada Stone-washed Towel

Black wash
Light grey
Sea Foam

Premium hand-loomed Turkish towels.

This versatile unisex towel takes the word luxe to a whole new level. Perfect for wrapping over your shoulders at a sunset beach campfire, getting out of the sauna, lounging on the dock. Or for your everyday towel at home. 

100% premium Turkish cotton.

90cm X 180cm // 35.4" X 70.8" 

Handloomed in Turkey using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations of craftsmen. These towels have been used for over 600 years in Turkish baths. 

Benefits: Lightweight // Thin & great for travellers // Highly absorbent // Fast drying // Durable // Eco-Friendly // Versatile 

Colors available: Black, Denim, Mustard, Light grey, Sand, Seafoam green

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