Tahitian Body Serum

A sweet, citrusy blend to give you silky,smooth hydrated skin.
This body oil will make your skin silky soft without leaving any greasy layer on the body.

This body oil will be absorbed quickly into the skin and with regular use will improve skin's texture and hydration level.

This oil has notes of sweet orange, coconut & vanilla.

Weight : 4 oz.
Comes in a clear PET bottle

Ingredients: Almond Oil // Rice Bran Oil // Fractioned Coconut Oil // Sunflower Oil // Macadamia nut oil // Natural fragrance of coconut cream // Essential Oil mix of Sweet orange & vanilla

Use it liberally on all parts of body. It can also be used as bath oil, just pour a bit in your bath for a more luxurious bath.

Handmade in Canada 

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