Volcanique Detox Mask

Volcanique - (Volcanic Ash Mask with Bamboo Charcoal)

* Volcanique (vol·ca·ni·que): French. Produced by or discharged from a volcano.

Volcanic ash best known as Bentonite Clay is the main ingredient in this detoxifying formulation. Bentonite is a clay that is mined from the earth, and it’s formed after volcanic ash has weathered and aged in the presence of water. Bentonite clay has a strong electromagnetic charge and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet by pulling out toxins that are trapped into our skin.

Packed with japanese activated bamboo charcoal, a super ingredient that is widely praised for its abilities to absorb impurities and toxins - using the "Volcanique" mask twice weekly will noticeably shrink skin pores, help prevent breakouts, and leave your skin feeling pure, toned and rejuvenated

Scent: naturally scented with australian lemon myrtle essential oil for its superior antibacterial/antifungal (anti-acne) properties and lemony up-lifting aroma and a touch of clary sage to help balance oily skin condition.

Texture: fine smooth clay.

Skin Feel: purified, toned

Skin Type: normal | combination | oily | blemish-prone

How To Use: How to use: Mix 1 TSP of clay mask with a very small amount of water in a non-metallic dish to create a paste. Apply evenly to clean face and neck. Allow the mask to dry and rinse clean with fresh water.

Ingredients : bentonite clay, japanese activated bamboo charcoal, black clay, lemon myrtle essential oil, clary sage essential oil.

 Packaged in a 2 oz glass jar. Each jar provides a minimum of 20 applications.

Handmade in Canada (Montreal) 

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